Summer’s Over…

…And we are following the geese flying south(west) to our winter stay.

I was very nervous for our flight back to the United States. I almost dreaded it because I did not know what to expect. Flying to Sweden earlier this year was easy because we were two caretakers with a pretty immobile baby.

Now on the other hand, I was flying solo with a baby that just can’t sit still and wants to climb on everything! Oh, and he is q sucker for everyone’s attention.

I had not need to worry. This baby is an angel and a precious gift. I must have some good karma.

On the flight across the big pond, we were lucky enough to get a two-seater to ourselves. Thank you SAS! It was a great trip. He slept for takeoff and landing. In between he charmed the entire plane, found a new friend and got tons of attention from the flight attendants, he loved it! He got tons of compliments on his crazy hair and his awesome in flight behavior. Yup, I was a proud and happy, albeit tired, mama.

Now we had been on the move for about 14 hours. He then charmed his way through customs and security on to our next flight. This is a rough flight. 6 hours in a cramped space with no food or tv (unless you want to pay for both). Thus flight just feels like a big vacuum of nothingness. It is physically and mentally straining. Luckily the charmtroll has slept the first 3 hours.

It might have been uncomfortable at times, but it has gone very smoothly thanks to this lovely baby and all the amazing people we have been lucky to interact with today!



Trying out the Single Mom Life

Hubby left for the US yesterday while baby bean and I will stay at my parent’s for another month.

I am stoked to spend more time with family and enjoy Sweden a little while longer, but sad hubby isn’t here to share it with us.

I’ve always said before I would be a pretty good single mom. Well, this month we’ll find out…

Sweden Living

Life in Sweden with friends and family has been too busy and exciting to take the time to post stuff. We just love it here and wish wish wish we had a some spare thousands of cash laying around so we could buy our dream piece of land.

Maybe next time… We just want to get something started on our live-in-Sweden-dream.

Best Baby in the World!

Wow. Our baby is awesome. I am so proud of him.

The other day we packed our bags and took off to Sweden to stay with grandma and grandpa for a couple of months. I was nervous about how he would deal with the trip, but so far he has been nothing short of perfect.

On our 18 our trip he cried for 5 minutes on the plane, and for about 30 minutes on the ride home to the grandparents from the airport. He pretty much slept and nursed for the remaining hours.

We could not have gotten luckier! Hopefully he will be just as good on the trip back when I travel by myself. No need to worry about that now though. We have 2 months to enjoy wonderful Sweden.

Already 6 Months Old!

Gosh time flies! It feels like yesterday we were in labor. Guess those days are well ingrained in my mind!

This is how happy a 6 monther is on his big day:


Little does he know we are off on a big adventure in less than 24 hours… A 14 hour flight to Sweden to see mommy’s side of the family for the first time! Excitement. Wish us luck!