WIC is the shit

The job story… I have delayed writing this post, mostly because it pisses me off. Some weeks ago I was laid off. Unexpectedly to everyone, well except my supervisor who has been plotting. I came in to work as usual and the day was going well until he called me in to his office, with the office manager. Great, I thought. What is going on now.

He bluntly stated that I had been great but the investors wanted to go a different way with the website and hire an outside contractor, once the site I was working on with a developer is done. Basically, they did not want to pay me anymore. So off I went. Bye bye.

Just like that. Exactly one week after I told him I was pregnant, I was out. Coincidence? Maybe. But I still wish I hadn’t said anything. All in all it is going to suck, mostly for them. Yeah, they don’t have to pay my mediocre salary, but all the direction on the new web page is gone, because guess who was in charge of layout/design/etc? yup, moi. Sucks because I wanted to finish it so I could have something for my portfolio, but I guess duties on a resume works too.

The bad news about not having a job anymore is that I no longer get paid and am now poor again. The good in the bad is that we qualify for WIC. So I went in to the office today and got signed up and have this months checks in hand. Thank you WIC, for making my life easier. One less thing to stress about when I know I’ll at least have nutrition for the baby bean.