Up Up and Away!

Tomorrow is finally the day. We are taking off in early morning to head abroad. To head homehome and enjoy family and friends. I haven’t left the US for 2 years, and now I need the European air more than ever. It will be nice to go home and recharge the batteries a bit.

My parents are super excited. They have been washing piles of old baby clothes. Getting it ready for us to come pick some up!

We are trying to finish up the last over here before we leave. Hubby is putting the finishing touches (adding doors, ventilations, light spots, feeding place etc.) to the new iguana cage so we can leave Heisenberg happy in a cage big enough for her when we leave.

Also trying to get some packing done, although I know we’ll be up all night for that. Will be making some lunch boxes to bring with us since they won’t serve us any food all the way to our layover in New York. Don’t think I can do 8 hours without food in me! Hopefully they won’t take it away from us as we go through security.

And hubby’s nana is having us over for dinner… I just want to yell WE DO NOT HAVE TIME! But I won’t, because I’m way too nice for my own good at times. I usually don’t mind spending time with her at all, but we got tons of shit to do. And, I do mind the dinners. She still hasn’t really understood the meaning of being a vegetarian. Last time she made beef pasta. We got to eat ice berg lettuce… This time she said she is making a chicken salad but leaving the chicken out. So basically, it will be ice berg lettuce again. Good thing I have a bunch of spinach to dig into as we get home 🙂

I’m a little nervous about flying. But hoping it will all go well. We have decent seats, I have my compression socks and with a lot of moving around the 18 hours will hopefully just fly by! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed again 🙂

Halfway There Belly Pic