A Day In the Life of a 5 Month Old (and his Mom)

Baby bean had his 5th monthiversary yesterday. Five months! Time flies. Fast. Starting our day with the night before.

21.30 In crib sleeping
00.25 Time to nurse. And time to stay in bed with mom.
03.04. Nurse again.
05.21 Nurse again.
06.29 Daddy is about to leave, so wake up time. Diaper change.
06.50 Belly time while mommy eats breakfast.
07.00 Play time!
07.15 Nurse to nap. Nap for mommy too!
9.15 Wake up. Diaper change.
9.45 Out for a walk.
10.35 Back home. TIme for some snot sucking (poor bean has his first cold).
10.40 Quick nurse (I’m trying to keep him as hydrated as possible in this crazy hot weather)
Cuddle, play, sit by himself for a while! Mom drinks an Apple Jack smoothie, feeds the lizard and boil some beans

11.22 Nurse to sleep.
11.35 Mommy works and make lunches for next couple of days.
12.55 Bean is up. Diaper change. Hang out, play, cuddle, belly time, sing, read.
14.35 Diaper change
14.40 Nurse, semi sleep, cuddle.
15.30 Dad is home! Family time. Bean loves when dad comes home. He gets super happy and excited. Must be thinking, finally someone else to talk to! 🙂
15.55 Nurse to sleep.
16.00 Mom workout time. A quick crossfit.
16.20 Boy up (not a napper these days…). Semi fussy, hickuppy and whiney. All signs of tiredness but will NOT fall asleep. Does not want boob. Trying to figure out why he is so fussy. Maybe teething? The teething keys from the fridge seems to calm him down. Diaper change.


19.10 Nurses to sleep.
19.30 Up again! Grandparents are upstairs visiting the cousin, so we go up and hang out. Baby bean is a trip! He is laughing up a storm and require attention as always. He loves to be the center of attention, already. Diaper change and soaker on. Ready for the night!
21.30 Nurse. Almost asleep.
21.45 Put him in crib, eyes open. Gnaws on his hand until he is fast asleep.

22.30 Bedtime for mother. Phew. Being a parent is awesome, but tiresome. Night sleep and day naps are well needed and deserved!


Finally here!

Oh my goodness. Admitted at l&d in the early hours of 11/30. Baby bean born on 12/2 at 11:22 a.m.! Still in recovery with bean and hubby.

I will post about my crazy birth story once we get home and has had a little more rest.

Right now most things are a blur and we are all in a dreamlike state of being. BUT bean is beautiful!! And I am very lucky to have a family like mine 🙂

Big Day!

We hit 27 weeks today. According to my baby center app baby bean can, with the help of machines, survive outside the uterus now. Nice to know, but please stay in there for a while longer!

Not only did we hit 27 weeks, but today was the first time hubby could feel baby bean kick! He usually sits with his hands on my stomach, patiently waiting while I say, did you feel that? That? But usually nothing. Until today. He looked at me and said was that him? Yup. That sure was him. Exciting moment! ^^

26 weeks

In my dreams I was thinking that I would not be much bigger than this, at the end of my pregnancy. But I am already this big and have 14 weeks to go… Here’s to becoming a walrus on land 🙂


And since I see these questionnaires everywhere, I just had to join the fun ^^

How far along: 26 weeks

Weight: +16 lb (ish) from the beginning. Not looking forward to my end-weight. Feel like there’s no stop on my gaining. But doc is not yet concerned, so that’s good.

Maternity clothes: Most of the time. Although I still wear pre-pregnancy pants/shorts thanks to the bella band!

Stretch marks: On my breasts. Those poor things look like they have been in a war. But I guess that’s what happens when they explode a cup size over night… Nothing on my belly yet.

Sleep: Great. Except that I have to get up to pee, and move my arms because of CTS (more on that in another post), some leg cramps and hurting hips (more of those ailments in future posts as well) But I could sleep forever during the day!

Braxton Hicks: Still not sure what they are supposed to feel like, but I guess I’ll know when I get them.

Fitness/exercise: Water aerobics, swimming, walking, light weight training. 

Food cravings/aversions: I can’t think of anything I won’t eat… except maybe raw zucchini. No real cravings.

Belly button: On its way out. I have a pretty weird belly button normally. And now it looks funnier than ever. It’s gotten a lot wider and almost looks deeper than usual, but closer to be popping. Weird. I hope it stays in for a while though.

Wedding rings: On.

Best moment this week: Last night bean finally moved. He had me worried all day long because I could not feel him, and then before going to bed (after a bowl of ice cream…..ehm) he wiggled around in there. Phew. I could breath out and sleep well.

Miss anything? Runny eggs, coffee drinks and wine tasting.

Looking forward to: Hopefully hubby and I are going to the Tomato festival this weekend. Little bit of car show, some live music and lots of tomatoes! Think it could be fun. And nice to get out and do something except working on this house…

Belly Time

So far in this pregnancy the focus has been on my boobs. They have increased 4 times in size and are just big, heavy and in the way. I do no longer envy bib-breasted women, and would be quite happy to loose a size or two after pregnancy. My upper back has seriously been hurting, because of the strain of keeping it upright. Phew, and I thought I was strong!

But now, the focus is on the growing belly. At least mine is. Within the past week at least 3 people have told me I don’t look at all pregnant (this was before our last clinic appointment). I just wanted to punch them. Because I did not know for sure the baby was ok, so when people kept telling me they didn’t believe me, I was about to freak out  for a minute. But I am only 18 weeks, and I do think the belly is growing perfectly.

And here is the proof:



Another month down. About 5 to go.

I like the monthly clinic appointments. They keep reassuring me that this is actually happening. We are pregnant. We are [hopefully, don’t want to get too cocky] having a baby at the end of the year. With every week that passes by, every appointment we go to and every positive feedback the pregnancy is getting more real to me. And after every appointment I let myself hope just a little bit more and soon I might be able to take of any, if all goes well, or hopefully’s. We’re just trying to take it one day at a time. And I am enjoying [as much as you enjoy these ails and symptoms] the shit out of every one of those days.

Two days ago we stopped by for our monthly checkup. It was the first clinic appointment hubby could actually make! Doc came and measured the uters [almost up to my bellybutton now] and we listened to the heart. Never have I heard the heartbeat that strong and intense. Good reassurance!

I was also prescribed iron pills as a preventative measure. The last blood had came back just a little on the low side on one of the irons. I am guessing that is due to our vegetarian diet. So I really need to make sure I am eating enough greens (no wonder I have been craving them! My body is good!). And the pills should keep me on the good side for the remainder of this pregnancy.

Today I went to my first class. This one was about healthy pregnancy. I honestly did not learn much new, but it was nice to see other expectant mothers and we got little teeny onesies for the baby! Now I am not sure our baby will ever be that little. Got the 5-8 lb kind. And I know I was a whooping 9 lb popping out!

Looking forward to that big belly!

Telling the boss

The moment I have been dreading for a while finally came this morning. Tell the boss I’m preggers. Well, I didn’t really tell the boss… but I sat down to talk to the sales manager this morning, since both the boss-boss and my supervisor is a man. Felt more comfortable with a woman that has 4 kids and kind of know what I am going through.

So… I awkwardly asked if I could talk to her and sat down in her office. She said “are you quitting”. I said no, no I’m pregnant. She jumped up gave me a big hug and said it was wonderful news. 

PHEW. So much for being nervous about that… And we are announcing it to the rest of the office in a meeting in 5 minutes… it feels good though, I feel like a part of the office family 🙂

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