Soothing a Blocked Duct

Holy Bleeping Bleep. And then some more bleeps in there. Who knew a blocked milk duct could knock you out? Well, I don’t know about ya’all but it sure knocked me out.

Two days ago mid-day my right boob started to feel as if it was bruised. And it hurt. I had no idea what was going on until my friend Google told me it probably was a blocked duct. Nothing serious I thought. But that night I woke up shaking and sweating with fever. When you don’t want to get up to pee because you’re just not sure the body will move if you try, then I’d say it’s a KO.

A couple of Ibuprofen, 12 hours of sleep-nursing and a number of warm compresses and a good night of sleep on top of that I was back to normal.

After this experience, here are my top three tips on how to sooth a blocked milk duct.

1. Nurse. A lot. Especially on the boob where the blockage is.

2. Massage. While nursing. And after warm compresses.

3. Warm Compresses. So soothing!


AMRAP High Intensity Workout

Baby bean had me up early this morning. First I had to stay awake during the early morning nursing session (5 a.m.) to put our load of cloth diaper laundry in when bean had fallen back asleep. Bean then woke up at 7.30 when hubby was leaving for work, and bean did not fall back asleep! He usually takes another nap and gets up at 10… but no instead he stayed up cooing and being adorably cute, so even though mommy didn’t get a nap I was excited to spend some cooing time with him. Then up we went for a productive morning. Hung the diapers outside to dry. And I had time to do a morning workout while bean was in his swing, where he is now sleeping while I am wide awake. Go figure.

Today’s conditioning was an AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) high intensity workout based on crossfit exercises. I love these workouts because I love high reps and I love burpees (although I hate both at the same time…) AND the best part is I know it is going to take 20 minutes, because it’s as many reps as possible in 20 minutes. Great when you know about how long your baby will stay asleep or can occupy him/herself without needing you. Got through 3 rounds with a couple of minutes to spare.

This workout was another Pinterest find (how I love Pinterest… great for browsing while breastfeeding a sleepy baby) originating from the Cardio and Cocktails blog. And again, no equipment needed just your body and an inspired mind!

Crossfit AMRAP High Intensity Workout

2 Weeks PostPartum

Time flies when you have a baby at home! Little bean has already passed the 2 week mark (Sunday) and went for his 2 week check up yesterday. He is gaining weight like a champ and is up to 8 lb 15 oz or a whopping 4 kg. He is breastfeeding like a pro and the doc was very happy with him. We like that! We are still waiting for the last of the umbilical chord to fall off and for his dry newborn skin to peel.

The week before I was in for my first pp checkup. My OB checked on the incision and was surprised and excited of how well it is doing in such a short time after the c-section. She said there will hardly be a scar once it is all healed, but to be careful since I am healing from the outside in. So even though it looks good, I am still broken on the inside. So I’m still on workout prohibition, although she said I can walk and do arm exercises, just no strain on the belly. The heavy lifting still has to wait for a little bit.

Bean and I have been walking around the block a couple of times. 10 minute walks. And today we went out for a 20 min walk in the stroller! Yesterday was the first time to drive after the c-section, which was exciting! All this and no pain meds for plenty of days now! Slowly but surely getting better and pushing toward normality.

My weight is almost back to normal too. On Sunday I had lost about 30 lb since delivery and have 4 more to go to pre-pregnancy weight. I did however lose a bunch of muscle weight, so I am opting to lose the 4 and another 10 within the next 4 weeks. And then start building my way back up again. Just can’t wait!

From 40 weeks pregnant to 2 weeks postpartum: