The No-Poo Thing

Happy New Years everyone! We all have great things in store for us in 2013! How I know? We are all in charge and have the power for greatness. 🙂

I have tons of new years spirit in me and am finally going to finish a post I drafted in September, I believe.

The last 3 weeks I have been experimenting with reducing all kinds of chemicals and unnatural substances in my life.

So make that the last 4 months instead… Since I was pregnant I started with my body. Wanted to be as pure and clean as possible, I cut out the chemicals I put in my hair (shampoo and conditioner). Also known as no-poo.

Eeww says a lot of people. Awesome say I.

It took a couple of weeks for my hair to get used to being au natural. Since then it has looked fantastic (as fantastic as it gets when you haven’t cut your hair since June… of 2011…).

But seriously, my hair is actually better looking than it has been. The number one reason being the white itchy flaky stuff in my hair is gone! What a relief. I think I had it because I used to wash my hair every day and just continued to chemicalize it. I never let it breathe.

Now, it’s breathing and still not dirty! I do a baking powder wash (1 tbsp baking powder mixed with 1 C water) as cleaning solution and an apple cider vinegar rinse (1 tbsp apple cider vinegar mixed with 1 C water) as restoration, twice a week.

Both my hair and wallet are happy ^^