First Time Away from Mom and Dad

I have a sleepy boy in bed tonight. It was a looong day for him. First time to be away from both mom and dad for more than an hour. And first time to be babysat by the great grandparents. It did not go smoothly.

I was happy with him because he did drink a bunch of milk out of his dippy cup (still doesn’t go for the bottle). But then he just got so tired and babysitters couldn’t get him to sleep. So when we got there he was a big sweatball screaming his lungs out. My poor boy.

All was solved when he got to be in mommy’s arms though.

But this is what happens when great grandparents push you in to have them babysit. At least we got them off our back. And as a bonus we did really enjoy our baby-free time wine tasting!


A Favorite Time

Now is one of my favorite times of the day. Baby bean is right next to me sound asleep. I can just be here next to him, cuddle him, kiss his forehead, smell his hair and admire his peaceful existence before I put him in his own crib.
Hubby is in the garage, so I have all these moments to myself. Time to wind down, breath, do nothing, just be and enjoy it before sleep grabs hold of me.

A Day In the Life of a 5 Month Old (and his Mom)

Baby bean had his 5th monthiversary yesterday. Five months! Time flies. Fast. Starting our day with the night before.

21.30 In crib sleeping
00.25 Time to nurse. And time to stay in bed with mom.
03.04. Nurse again.
05.21 Nurse again.
06.29 Daddy is about to leave, so wake up time. Diaper change.
06.50 Belly time while mommy eats breakfast.
07.00 Play time!
07.15 Nurse to nap. Nap for mommy too!
9.15 Wake up. Diaper change.
9.45 Out for a walk.
10.35 Back home. TIme for some snot sucking (poor bean has his first cold).
10.40 Quick nurse (I’m trying to keep him as hydrated as possible in this crazy hot weather)
Cuddle, play, sit by himself for a while! Mom drinks an Apple Jack smoothie, feeds the lizard and boil some beans

11.22 Nurse to sleep.
11.35 Mommy works and make lunches for next couple of days.
12.55 Bean is up. Diaper change. Hang out, play, cuddle, belly time, sing, read.
14.35 Diaper change
14.40 Nurse, semi sleep, cuddle.
15.30 Dad is home! Family time. Bean loves when dad comes home. He gets super happy and excited. Must be thinking, finally someone else to talk to! 🙂
15.55 Nurse to sleep.
16.00 Mom workout time. A quick crossfit.
16.20 Boy up (not a napper these days…). Semi fussy, hickuppy and whiney. All signs of tiredness but will NOT fall asleep. Does not want boob. Trying to figure out why he is so fussy. Maybe teething? The teething keys from the fridge seems to calm him down. Diaper change.


19.10 Nurses to sleep.
19.30 Up again! Grandparents are upstairs visiting the cousin, so we go up and hang out. Baby bean is a trip! He is laughing up a storm and require attention as always. He loves to be the center of attention, already. Diaper change and soaker on. Ready for the night!
21.30 Nurse. Almost asleep.
21.45 Put him in crib, eyes open. Gnaws on his hand until he is fast asleep.

22.30 Bedtime for mother. Phew. Being a parent is awesome, but tiresome. Night sleep and day naps are well needed and deserved!

Smells like Love

Love is the moment baby bean takes his just-out-of-the-mouth-slobbery hands and paint my face with his saliva and gives me a contageous big smile. Mmm. Baby spit.  Smells like love to me.