Soothing a Blocked Duct

Holy Bleeping Bleep. And then some more bleeps in there. Who knew a blocked milk duct could knock you out? Well, I don’t know about ya’all but it sure knocked me out.

Two days ago mid-day my right boob started to feel as if it was bruised. And it hurt. I had no idea what was going on until my friend Google told me it probably was a blocked duct. Nothing serious I thought. But that night I woke up shaking and sweating with fever. When you don’t want to get up to pee because you’re just not sure the body will move if you try, then I’d say it’s a KO.

A couple of Ibuprofen, 12 hours of sleep-nursing and a number of warm compresses and a good night of sleep on top of that I was back to normal.

After this experience, here are my top three tips on how to sooth a blocked milk duct.

1. Nurse. A lot. Especially on the boob where the blockage is.

2. Massage. While nursing. And after warm compresses.

3. Warm Compresses. So soothing!


Blog Posts I’ve Written in my Head and need to Publish

Do you ever think about what you want to blog about then “write” the post in your head but completely fail to sit down by the computer and type it out? Yeah, me too. All the time! These are some of the topics I’ve been meaning to write about:

Newborn Stuff Checklist
Hospital Checklist

Product Reviews:
Bella band
Baby Bjorn

Cloth Diapering

One of these days…

Only Girls Dress in Pink, Right?

People are funny about the whole “is it a boy or a girl thing”. My thought is does it really matter?

Today baby bean and I took a walk to our local Babies R Us and Trader Joe’s. I don’t really like the baby store, but we are on the hunt for a bottle that bean actually will drink from. A task that is seemingly impossible, but I will get back to it if we find a match 🙂 Trader Joe’s on the other hand is one of my FAVORITE stores. Just love that place!

As I was ready to pay for my can of diced tomatoes a group of kids and their teachers (I assume) came up behind me. Some of the kids had downs syndrome, others had physical handicaps and they all had this great happy vibe about them. One little guy came up, really close, to take a look at my baby. He is so cute, he said, what’s his nameTiberius, I replied. Here one of his teachers butted in and said, no it’s a girl.

I am assuming here, that she said so because today bean was wearing a pair of pink pants that I wore when I was his age 🙂 They are very cute and comfy! And very 80s.

No, I said, he is a boy.

Oh, she replied. Oh yeah, he has footballs on his shirt!

From this I took away that kids don’t really care if a boy has pink pants on. They just saw a boy. Whereas adults seem to automatically think that pink equals a girl. And footballs equals a boy.

I think it’s funny. Babies should just be babies and enjoy all colors of the rainbow and beyond. And when they grow older, pick what they like and not what others tell them they should like depending on if they are male or female. I think we sometimes [read often] put too much value on gender. Let kids be kids. I hope I raise a son that will be a kid. And enjoy everything he loves with bright imagination and an open mind.

Baby bean in pink pants and football shirt

My most beautiful bean in his cute outfit!


3 Months of Love

Woke up this morning to a smiley cooing 3 month old. Instead of getting a gift he gave us two. The first one was a good nights sleep. He went to bed at 9 pm and woke up at 5.30 am. Not bad at all. The cherry on top of that was a DRY diaper. That never happens!

Very exciting start of the day. Unfortunately the cat managed to, in full speed, jump on to our bed and land on beans face. Stupid bad luck! Poor bean has a scratch but seem fine. He has even smiled
after, so I am not too worried.

Now I am just trying to keep him comforted and secure for the remainder of the day, so his 3 month old photo shoot and weigh/measure time gets to wait til tomorrow.

But here’s to 3 month of unconditional love.