The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Book Review

One of my February goals were to read at least 5 pages a day. I am excited to have succeeded and to continue this habit, because I really do enjoy reading. As always when I go to the library I go book-crazy and grab WAY more books than I can ever read before I have to return them. BUT I got through at least one book (working on the second). Because I want to be reading at least a book a month, I figured I’ll start a monthly (or bi-monthly) book review [a very informal one. Don’t expect APA formats and such] . So here goes the first 🙂

The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night
by Elizabeth Pantley


I enjoyed this book a lot, because at some point I know I will have to start sleep training and I also know that there will be no “crying-it-out” in my house. It is funny because the CIO method was really the only one I had heard about before starting my research. I am way to soft-hearted to let my dear baby bean cry for very long. My heart hurts when he cries in the car and there is nothing I can do until we stop. To me it just feels plain wrong, but I am not judging those who do use the method to where it works for them. I just know that it doesn’t match up with my personality and beliefs so I was super excited to find this book!

I am not in the mood for explaining what the book is about (the title kind of gives it away), instead I am going to write about how I will use it in sleep-training bean.

When the time is here, I will first create a sleep log. A 24 hour log of when and where bean sleeps and how he falls asleep (the author has provided a bunch of logs in the book, which is cool). Well, before then I really should get started on a night-time routine. I am not sure what to include or for how long, so if you can leave a comment with what works for you, that would be great! I will then review the sleep log, to see what I think needs to be changed and how to change it.

I know that I at some point want to help him diminish the suck-to-sleep association and in the long run help him fall asleep on his own. This is going to be a long process, but following a schedule and creating logs it should be done without any crying. 🙂

Action Plan: How To Help Bean Fall Asleep On His Own [Within Time]

– Help bean realize his bed is a nice place. Spend some cuddly time in there, awake, every day.
– Use alternative ways to help bean fall asleep. So he doesn’t associate just one thing with sleep.
– Introduce a “lovey” bean can have as he falls asleep. Something that is cuddly and safe and gives bean good associations.
– Make night-sleeping different from day-sleeping. With different routine, and calmer night-time behaviors, noise levels, lights etc.
– Develop key words as a sleep cue. Certain phrases bean can associate with sleep or a bedtime song. Use the keywords as bean is falling asleep in the beginning, and with time when it is time to go to bed. [kind of like conditioning a dog, asme idea]
– Change sucking-to-sleep association through Gentle Removal Plan. Begin by letting bean nurse until he slows down, break the seal and put him to bed. If he fusses, start over as many times as it takes. With time bean will actually fall asleep without nipple in mouth. Repeat every night until bean understands he can fall asleep without nipple in mouth.

As it is I am in no hurry to have him in his crib by himself every night. I enjoy co-sleeping for parts of the night and will continue, but I will still work toward bean learning to fall asleep on his own, even while co-sleeping. He is currently sleeping pretty well, but I think it is good to have a plan if that changes and if my life situation changes so I need him to learn faster than he might want himself.

All in all, great book. Good tips for helping kids all ages to learn to fall asleep on their own. My final judgement: Worth Reading.


Two Month Immunizations :(

The dreaded 2 month old well-visit was happening yesterday (At 2.5 months). Although we almost did not make it there because mommy (aka me) misread the scheduled time I wrote down (come on mommy-brain start functioning) to be 8.45 instead of 8.15… Luckily they had a cancellation and we got to come in at the time I thought I had scheduled.

Little bean is growing, although he is keeping to the middle of the charts. 23.5 inches (closing in on 60 cm) and 13 lb (almost 6 kg). He still has a big head as it measures in on 16.5 inches (42 cm) and it’s all the way up in the 90th percentile on the charts… No wonder I couldn’t push him out!

We love our pediatrician, who is also going to be my doc when I need to go in. He is an old funny dude that always makes us smile. Baby bean loves him too. Bean does not, however, love the nurse anymore. Those immunizations were rough  both on us parents and on poor little bean. He took the oral one like a champ. But when it came time to stab his tiny little legs with huge needles (3 times!!) he lost it. It hurt my heart because I never heard him cry in  pain like that. Until later on in the day….

He nursed a bit and then fell asleep after the doc visit while we were running errands. Then we came home and we continued sleeping in bed. About 3 hours after his shots he woke up screaming his heart out again. And he would not stop. I tried everything. Finally I got him to calm down enough to shove my boob in his mouth so he could suckle while crying while suckling while whimpering and finally just suckle and drift off to sleep again. We did this until the evening. He then slept well for the night and as he woke up this morning he was his smiley cooey self. Hopefully this mood stays with him for the rest of the day… and week… and life!

Thoughts on Poop

The past couple of days bean has been on a pooping spree in the mornings. Not to be gross but they are explosive, gooey and EVERYWHERE. Makes me want to breastfeed only until he is potty trained. Not sure I can handle SMELLY pooping sprees…

Try Something New for a Month

I am utterly addicted to TED videos. They are inspirational, informational and usually has everything my brain wants. Around New Year’s  Eve I was watching: Try Something New For 30 DaysThe title describes it well, and I encourage everyone to go watch it and get inspired. It is all too easy to get stuck in a daily routine.

The video sure inspired me and I decided to try something for the 31 days of January. In January I cut out dairy and ate a vegan diet for 31 days. I also decided to de-clutter my life a little and got rid of one thing every day. 31 things later I cannot notice any difference, so we will most likely keep up with it and slowly de-clutter. Our goal is to one day live in a small house with only the things that we actually use.

For February I have two goals. My first is to read at least 5 pages every day. I used to read a lot, but haven’t in later years and want to get back to it. So at least a little bit every day to stimulate my mind and set a good example for bean. I also decided to do at least 5 minutes of meditation every day. When we lived closer to monasteries we went at least once a week for long meditations and practiced shorter at home. Now all monasteries are so far away we just don’t go and I can feel the difference in my mind. So here’s hopefully the new beginning to a continued mindful life.

And, because I like to overdo things, I decided to join  Fitness, Finance and Fun on a journey through Fab Ab February. I am not sure if this is the blog it originates from because there are so many out there, but it’s the one I got the info from. I will add this to my regular (although more sporadic and spur-of-the-moment) workouts to really stabilize my core and keep  my back healthy and strong. Anyone with me??

Fab Ab February