Pregnancy and the Bicycle

Many people (especially random strangers) have strong opinions about bicycling and pregnant women. A lot of them would advice any pregnant woman to put the bike in storage and let it collect dust until after the baby is born. But no, not this girl!

As I am nearing the end (very soon I hope) of this pregnancy I must say I feel fantastic. Despite the 31+ pounds gained so far, I feel physically in really good shape. I am attributing that to my workout routine throughout the second and third trimesters.

The routine might not have been very rigorous or tough, but it has been consistent and adapted to my needs. So I am happy and pleased to say that even though I am 40 weeks tomorrow I can still take long walks, bike around and get in to most yoga poses. [I do have trouble with anything that is bending over toward my toes since my belly is stopping me.]

However, a  lot of strangers that I meet are very concerned about my preferred method of transportation, the bicycle. I get a LOT of comments and frowns when I run my daily errands.

You know that is dangerous for both  you and the baby!
You probably shouldn’t bike anymore because you are getting quite big.
It is much easier to fall when you are pregnant.
Are you seriously biking? What kind of mother are you?

Etc. Etc. Etc.

People need to mind their own business. I think it’s funny how random people think they have a right to voice their opinion about my body and what I am doing. What the heck do they know?

From what I have been reading online (a lot) I didn’t think I would be able to bike beginning third trimester, mostly because the changes in balance that happens during pregnancy. As my third trimester started and has passed by I realized I was wrong. I can still bike, without a problem. Either my balance hasn’t changed much, or my body has just adjusted well to the balance change. And wow, am I glad I was wrong. It would kill me [figuratively writing] to take the car everywhere, because I just love moving by bike so much more!

SIL had her baby!

Hubby is now officially an uncle. My SIL had her baby today!

Her water broke Friday evening, they came back from the hospital with the verdict no labor within 12 hours, come back for an induction. 12 hours later they went back and started the Pitocin. After a long long time of getting going she finally started dilating. Got her epidural. Stayed at a 9 for over three hours and then pushed for another three. All in all a 30 hour labor, but both baby and mommy are good. SOOOO excited for them both!

Very exciting to see that there is an ending to pregnancies…! Her and I had the same due date, so I am a little bit jealous, not over the induction and long labor, but the fact she finally has her bean out in the world while our little bean is not making any signs he wants to come out…. at all!

Wednesday November 28 is the official due date. Three more days. That could end up being 17  more days. ARGH! This waiting game is killing me because everything is going by so slow and I can’t think of much of anything except what I can do to get the labor started. So I walk and walk and walk. And walk. And then I cry a little. Tomorrow is another nst. Just hoping everything continues to be well with bean.


39 weeks!

When I met the gd midwife last week, she said they would treat me like a normal pregnancy since my blood sugars are under control. Which means I do not have to go do the non-stress tests twice a week. But I decided to continue, just because it makes me feel good and safe. My last one was a couple of days ago. Bean was great, as always. And I am having contractions, according to the machine. I looked at the numbers and tried to feel it when it said it was going on, but never could. Midwife said those are the best of contractions, the ones you can’t feel! She did say body is preparing for labor and that it is around the corner. Now, we don’t really know if the corner is days or weeks long…. but something is happening. And he is way down there with his head (and hand) trying to dig his way out…

Hubby and I are planning on dtd as much as we can now (because there will be a while waiting after) in hopes it will get things started. So here’s to joyous holiday evenings ahead 🙂

Oh, and when we walked around waiting for our appointment today. We saw (and heard) two people having sex in a parked car in the hospital parking lot… I was impressed, it was a small two-door car, and they were in the back seat. Impressed indeed.

How far along?  39 weeks

Total weight gain/loss?  30.6 lb….. I just get heavier and heavier at this point. Like, by the minute.

Maternity clothes?  The few days when I try to dress up yes. Otherwise it’s just hubby’s old shorts and t-shirts.

Stretch marks? So far so good! I’m coconutoiling my stomach every night and it seem to do the trick. But I am sure there are a couple of memories there from this little guy…

Sleep?  No. When I finally almost fall asleep bean starts boxing and pushing his head on my cervix. Every. Single. Night. Who needs sleep anyway?

Best moment last week? The trees. It’s breathtakingly beautiful outside and I LOVE it!

Movement?  I am getting clumsier, but finally signed up for and it is AWESOME! Prenatal yoga every morning, walk in the afternoon. That’s my current movement schedule 🙂

Food cravings?  Licorice. I could eat tons and tons of bags at a time. But, trying to hold back. A little bit.

Labor signs? Well, he’s pushing on cervix a lot and I’ve had loose bm the past couple of days. According to a lot of the forums online it could indicate labor is near… Hoping!

Belly button in/out? Flat.

What I miss: Bending over to tie my shoes without hassle…

What I am looking forward to: Meeting bean in person. They don’t lie when they say the last couple of weeks are the hardest, because it is so close but you just don’t know when labor is going to start. And both hubby and I want it to start NOW.

Milestones: One more week until 40…. It’s been a LONG journey.

38 weeks pregnant

We are now at the 38 mark exactly. My new midwives looked through my records and found NO reason why my due date was marked for the 22nd. According to LMP it would be the 20, but according to early ultrasound scan it would be the 11/28. Which is what they changed it to. So no more Thanksgiving baby… although I am hoping he will be early!

Here is the 38 week belly! And the kitty 🙂

How far along?  38 weeks
Total weight gain/loss?  Think I am totaling about 29 lb as of right now. Or closer to 30. Lots of extra weight on my belly and boobs…

Maternity clothes?  Yup. Most of the time. Got a shock when my “big” t-shirts didn’t cover the whole belly… I do raid hubby’s closet for nice shirts every now and then though 🙂

Stretch marks? My boobs are still a war zone, but my belly is looking fine. I am hoping the constant smearing of coconut oil will keep it nice and smooth for the remainder of the pregnancy!

Sleep?  Great sleep. Only have to get up and pee every 3-4 hours, so I usually do 2 pee stops at nights. lol.

Best moment last week? Must be the hospital tour and meeting the new midwives. Everything is so awesome right now. And since my blood sugars are extremely controlled they will be treating me like a normal person. So nay to unnecessary induction and welcome tub!

Movement?  Oh he moves. Tons. Sometimes I have to tell him to stop, although that never actually helps… and he likes to push down on my cervix. Shooting shocks. Wow, that is uncomfortable.

Food cravings?  Nothing out of the ordinary. I crave my regular sweets every now and then, like chocolate and ice cream but that is normal even without a pregnancy. Although today has been a pretty bad chocolate day.

Gender? In all honesty, I can’t really say what gender he will be. But his sex is a male. Just read a book about gender creative children and it was very interesting. So I try not to gender define him too much from the get-go.

Labor signs? No…grrrr…. can’t wait for the contractions to start!

Belly button in/out? Flat, depending on how much he pushes out on it. lol

What I miss: Mountainbiking, hammer throwing, hardcore workouts that leaves me crying of exhaustion. I can’t wait until it is time. Already starting to plan my postnatal workouts…

What I am looking forward to: Thanksgiving. I want pumpkin pie 🙂 And a baby.

Milestones: I would say every new day is a milestone. But the next will be 39 weeks. So close now!

Hospital Tour

Last night hubby and I went for a hospital tour, and I am way excited about giving birth at this place. I am so happy we changed hospitals and last night it was like all my birth-wishes came true…

First we got to see the delivery room. It was very spacious. Had a big fold out couch for hubby to lay on while we’re in labor and right after if needed. All of the rooms have the squat bars on the beds, birthing stools and birthing balls. Four of the rooms have showers for labor and two of them had tubs!

The nurse explained that everything was up to me. If I wanted to start out in the shower and then go to the tub, I would just let the nurses/midwives know and we would change rooms. And I LOVE it. Love the idea that everything is up to me. The options are there, whatever I want I get!

Nurse also told us that they will never take the baby out of the room, unless medically necessary. Everything will be done in the room. With me there. The baby will go nowhere, without me or hubby. LOVED that too!

We then got to see the postpartum rooms. They are also spacious and nice. Have a fold out chair for hubby to sleep on so he can stay by my side night and day. A bassinet for the a baby so he will be right next to us. A fridge in the hallway I can raid if I get hungry in between meals. And a TV in case we get bored. AWESOME!

The rooms are really like hotel rooms. New, clean and comfortable. No hospital-feel in them at all! I am way excited and really just want to go into labor and have a baby now!


Went to see the delivery doctor today… or, more the doctor’s office. Didn’t get to meet him or her. Guess that won’t happen until I am actually giving birth…

BUT I did get to see a midwife that told me I do have Strep B. The last lady could not read a chart apparently. This has me extremely frustrated, because now it means I HAVE to be hooked up to an IV. I don’t WANT any hookups. I want to be free. But whoop, there goes that. And she also told me that at some hospitals they don’t let you walk around with the IV.. WHAT??!! My entire birth plan just got smashed into bits and pieces.

She then continued told me that they usually induce a woman with gestational diabetes, even though it is diet controlled, at 39 weeks… WHAT??!! Why has no one told me this before. I DO NOT WANT to be induced, unless extremely necessary. Not just because I happen to have controlled GD.

My birth plan got smashed again, in even smaller bits and pieces this time.

BUT then she also told me about a community clinic that does not do medical interventions as frequent as the bigger hospitals, and they will only do it if necessary. And they have midwives. And they let people with IV walk around. She gave me their number. So I am calling. Left a message, calling back tomorrow hoping I can get transferred!

A clinic that align better with my values and hopes and dreams, and is closer, and covered by my insurance. That would just be great. Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for some positive news.