Good baby bean!

Today was our 32 week appointment. Belly measured perfect size and there wad a strong heartbeat of 146. But the best news is that bean is head down, so doc said delivery should be easy. Hopefully he will stay that way until it is time to meet the world.

Doc also said to increase the iron intake and to pack the hospital bag and keep it in the trunk, because you just never know…!

How far along? 32 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss?  Hmmm… +another 2 lbs since last appointment.
Maternity clothes?  Still a mix. Some maternity, some not. But I do LOVE my maternity pants.
Stretch marks? Not on my belly yet. My boobs still look like a war zone though.
Sleep?  Some nights I sleep fabulously, other nights I am twisting and turning until the alarm rings…!
Best moment last week? Getting kicked in the ribs, weirdly enough. lol.
Movement? He loves to move now 🙂 Lots of kicks and punches.
Food cravings?  Not really. Just bought a pack of licorice though, which I shouldn’t have. But it is just soooo good. So that is all I will crave from now on!
Gender? Boy

Labor signs? Nope
Belly button in/out? Still in. And I thought it would pop weeks ago! Weird.
What I miss: Eating whatever I feel like when I feel like eating it…
What I am looking forward to: Water aerobics tomorrow morning! My fave!


Gestational Diabetes and Eating

Since my last group class at the diabetes clinic I have been on a meal plan and tested my sugar levels 4 times a day. I am adapting pretty well to the changes I have made in my diet, but I still have a couple of hurdles to overcome.

When I researched online there are lots of different advice on how to eat during gestational diabetes, but all have one goal in common: keeping blood sugar within the normal level. Note that this level is different for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The gestational diabetes guidelines are much stricter since you are caring not only for yourself but another human being. The advice is to be between 70-90 first thing in the morning and between 70-120 1 hour after the first bite of food.

The actual meal plan does in no way restrict any intake of food, it just spaces it out throughout the day. The goal is to eat 6 times a day, about 3 hours apart. In this meal plan you are allowed to eat as many vegetables and proteins and fats since they have none to minimal influence on blood sugar, but keep count of the carbs. Breakfast you want around 30 carbs, lunch and dinner 30-45 and the three snacks between 15-30. You don’t want to cut out carbs completely since you need them for energy, but you also don’t want to overload to spike the blood sugar. If you are still hungry after a meal, you can always add more protein or veggies to make sure you get full. Note that beans counts as a starch and therefore carbs.

As a vegetarian I have found it fairly easy to stick to the meal plan. Some meals I don’t necessarily feel really full after, but then I know that I have mis-placed my carbs. Say I had a spoonful of nutella (22 carbs!) instead of eating a banana. Obviously the banana would make me feel fuller longer…  My biggest challenge yet is to have a normal fasting blood sugar. Mine is too low (under 70) half the time.

What gives me a good fasting blood sugar is if I eat my night snack later. They really don’t want you to go more than 10 hours without eating. But this is difficult to me, because I get tired around 9 p.m. and want to go to sleep… but should stay up another hour just so I can eat! Or I have to get up an hour early in the morning to eat! Neither of is something I want to do. But I am doing my best at dragging myself around until 10 p.m. so I can eat my night snack before tucking in to bed. Another hour and a half… wish me luck!

Giant Sigh of Relief

Yesterday I got a piece of mail and a HUGE stone was lifted off my shoulders. It wasn’t until it was gone I had realized how heavy it was and how long I had been carrying it around.

After my first miscarriage, the doctor suggested a d&c, so I jumped in to it, not thinking that insurance might not cover it. They only covered parts of it and I was left paying the anesthesceologist  a couple of 100 and then was left with a $1000 hospital bill, which I am still paying off. But only  a couple of more months, then it will be out of the way.

A little later that year I had my second miscarriage. I was by now moved to California and was on limited Medical. The doctor suggested a d&c, so this time I was making sure to ask if everything was covered and what my other options were. It was either wait it out, the time before I had walked around for 4 weeks with a dead fetus inside me and had no symptoms of it ever coming out by itself, or do a d&c, which she said would be covered by insurance. So off to the hospital. This was in November.

In February I get a bill from the anesthesceologist. Once again, a couple of hundred. I am thinking of studying to be one, because they must make money in a short amount of time. The entire surgery did not take more than 15 minutes… so that’s a pretty good hourly rate. Anyway. Later on that month I receive a hospital bill for $3320 that was not covered by insurance. My heart dropped and I buried it under my other mail not to deal with it. Then I finally took a look at it, and it said they had a financial assistance program. I figured I might not get any help, because I had a job, but nothing wrong in applying- just in case.

The whole process took FOREVER. When I lost my job in June I was still in the process. Since I lost my job I had to refile my application and every time they sent me a letter they asked for more and more stuff that they hadn’t asked for before. It was such a ridiculous process, but we finally got it through and yesterday I received the letter I had been waiting for.

The 8 months process was well worth it, because my financial assistance application was approved and because our sad economic state the bill was taken care of. PHEW. Now we can hopefully put a little in savings each month, instead of paying hospital bills… because we do know we will need it.

Gestational Diabetes Program Initiation

Today was my initiation into the hospital’s diabetes program.

I reluctantly woke up at 5.30 this morning to make the trip and be there at 8 for, what I thought was, an individual counseling session with a dietician. Boy, was I wrong. It was a class. And there was a bunch of us. A three hour long class…

They, the social worker, the nurse and the dietician, were all very knowledgable and great. BUT, I didn’t need it. Not for three hours. And it was disappointing since I thought I’d be able to sit down and talk about my blood sugar levels so far, where I am at and what to work toward… but no.

The cool thing is that we each got our own meter so now I have mine and hubby can use the other one to make sure his sugar doesn’t go crazy (his dad’s a diabetic, so I think  regular checking would benefit). And, we will have individualized follow-ups, in 3 weeks….

This whole process has been taking sooo long. 3 weeks to get test results. 3 weeks after that to actually go to this diabetes program. And now they won’t have individualized sessions until another 3 weeks… Then I will be 34 weeks! So unless I would have controlled my blood sugar the past 3 weeks, I am questioning how beneficial it really is. The other girls in the class, however, that were in their first and early second trimester, should benefit greatly. At least I am learning more and can make extra sure I do everything I can for baby bean to be a healthy kid.

Bonding Time

Cat and baby is bonding.


Gestational Diabetes- Initial appointment questionnaires

Just received all the forms I have to fill out for my initial appointment at the hospital for my gestational diabetes. From the looks of it, I am not going to like it.

1. No. I do not suffer/stress or am impaired due to this diagnosis. I feel perfectly fine and am emotionally and psychologically as balanced as I can be (hey, I AM pregnant after all).

2. Yes. I do know how to eat/what to eat.

3. No. I currently don’t have any issues with my weight. Yes I am heavy, but again, I AM pregnant.

4. No. I don’t drink/abuse drugs/smoke.

5. Yes. I exercise. No it is not too much, and yes it is enough. A good balance of it all.

6. Yes. I am happy. No. I am not depressed.

All these psychological questions. I am not coming in to a meeting with a diabetic specialist to talk feelings/emotions etc. I want the hard facts. Show my blood glucose levels. Are they normal? ok. I will do what I do. No? Then we make a plan. That’s it.

When I went to the clinic Tuesday I got my results from the Oral Glucose Test back. The only value from the 2 hour test that was abnormal was my 2 hour pp. It was 10 points too high. BUT then again, I wasn’t tested 2 hours after I drank the stuff. I was tested 1.5 hours after, so in half an hour I feel like my levels would been reduced by that 10 points. But what do I know.

I do know that the good thing that has come out of this so far is that I am eating smaller meals, but more frequently during the day. So I actually get more food in  me, which is good, because I usually border the lower intake. I have cut out sweets (more or less) and don’t crave sugary things anymore 🙂

My visit is on the 18th… we’ll se what the specialists have to say (I’m hoping for applauds and pats on the back…) ^^