Snacks At Its Best– Marble Banana Bread

Before I was pregnant, snacking was a big part of my everyday meal menu. A bowl of cereal to tie over to lunch. A cereal bar to survive long classes. Now when I am pregnant, snacking is a vital part of my survival!

One of my favorite snacks of all time, for the moment, is banana bread. Not any banana bread, but vegan chocolate banana marble from the Post Punk Kitchen. I actually had to go grab a snack, just thinking of it!

What I like about this particular banana bread is that it is low fat, low sugar and overall pretty darn healthy as far as sweet bread goes. I made some modifications to the recipe and share those here:

  • Did not have as much sugar as called for, so I only used 1/4 C. Next time I will just leave it out, because the bananas make it sweet enough.
  • I didn’t have any vanilla extract, so I just left it out.
  • Instead of all purpose flour I used whole wheat flour.

My loaf of banana marble turned out great and it was just as amazing the second day as it was the first. Now I am totally waiting for my bananas to go old again, so I can make another loaf, and another one…! The perfect pregnancy snack 🙂


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