28 weeks pregnant!

The end of the second trimester and the beginning of third is here! 28 weeks, and very excited. Although, my mother warned me this last few months would be the worst. So I am mentally prepared (so I think).

Getting an abnormal Glucose Tolerance test back was a setback and I had not counted on dealing with GD. But I will and I can. Haven’t seen a dietician yet, but started checking blood sugar levels 4 times a day so at least I know what’s going on when I eat. So far, no crazy results, which I am pleased with. I think I should be able to hold the GD in check without insulin.

Apparently bean has grown into a butternut squash sized baby, or a Chinese cabbage, depending on what site you’re looking at. And I sure can feel it. He is actually jabbing my ribs as we speak!

The list of what bean can do is long: Blinking, coughing, sucking, hiccuping and taking practice breaths. Not bad for a little guy 🙂

Other awesome news this week is that I have to get my rhogam shot. I am RH-, which means I have to get shot in my buttocks for my body not to hurt baby bean in case he is RH+. NOT looking forward to it. At all. And hubby can’t come with me on Tue when I go in because he is at work, so I have to bear through it all solo.

Today was the first day someone outside of the family commented on my belly! One of the ladies at water aerobics ask if I was expecting! It was so nice, because for the longest time people just laughed at me when I said how far along I was. But now, my belly is proof ^^

And, of course, the 28 week pregnant belly shot.

Pregnancy 14 to 28 weeks


How far along?  28 weeks and a day!
Total weight gain/loss?  Ugh… I don’t want to think about it. But about 17 lb I believe… Possibly more (too scared to find out)
Maternity clothes?  Almost always. I know people say they can’t wait to go bad to their pre-pregnancy clothes, but I LOVE my preggo clothes. So comfy!
Stretch marks? Boobs look like a battlefield. None on belly, yet.
Sleep?  Much better the past couple of nights.
Best moment last week? Hubby feeling baby bean kick for the first time!
Movement?  Yup. I feel him a lot more. Especially when I lay down to sleep…
Food cravings?  Not really. I’ve been in good balance lately. Keeping the GD at arm-lengths distance I hope!
Gender? Male.
Labor signs? Thank gosh no.
Belly button in/out? In. I thought it would pop weeks ago, but it’s taking its sweet time.
What I miss: A heavy lifting workout. The little stuff just isn’t doing it for me the same way. I want to get in to the gym and cry from tired muscles. And wine tasting!
What I am looking forward to: Seeing the doc on Tuesday to hear baby bean’s heart.
Milestones: End of second trimester. Wow. Less than 12 weeks to go!


Seriously Pissed Off

But not sure who I can be pissed off at. All the unfairness in life just make me want to yell and scream at times. I felt that way after my first and second miscarriage. I was doing everything right but still couldn’t develop a baby while people around me who smoke and drank through pregnancy had healthy babies.

Now I am in a similar boat, but it has to do with gestational diabetes. So fucking unfair. I eat a diet of primarily fruits and veggies, cut out almost all refined sugars and always pick the whole wheat kind of everything. When you read the pamphlets about how to eat to get healthy, that is basically me. With some faults, of course. I do like to occasionally shower myself in ice cream and chocolate, but who doesn’t?

I exercise. And have exercised all my life. From a kid running around through elite training, which I had to cut down in my first trimester. But now I am back to regular exercise for at least 30 min a day, most often more.

I have never been overweight, although I always had a high BMI. But as an athlete you can’t really trust the BMI, because it does not take strength training into consideration in the equation.

My family has no history of diabetes. The only risk factor on me is the fact that I am over 25 years old. That is it. And I smash that boundary by 3 years.

At the same time, I know people who are overweight, eat shitty, drinks a litre of cola every day, do not eat their veggies. And yet, no gestational diabetes. They are perfectly fine. Which, I am happy for them because I do love them. BUT it pisses me off at the same time because shit isn’t fair.

There, I had to vent. I know life isn’t fair. I just have to make the best of the hand I am dealt. And my body does not break down glucose effectively when pregnant apparently. Got the bad news yesterday. They are going to call me from the hospital to schedule an appointment with a dietician, which in any case should be good and I will get new insights.

Anyone else out there that has, or have had, gestational diabetes that can give me some pointers, tips, ideas, shares of experiences… anything?

Big Day!

We hit 27 weeks today. According to my baby center app baby bean can, with the help of machines, survive outside the uterus now. Nice to know, but please stay in there for a while longer!

Not only did we hit 27 weeks, but today was the first time hubby could feel baby bean kick! He usually sits with his hands on my stomach, patiently waiting while I say, did you feel that? That? But usually nothing. Until today. He looked at me and said was that him? Yup. That sure was him. Exciting moment! ^^

Snacks At Its Best– Marble Banana Bread

Before I was pregnant, snacking was a big part of my everyday meal menu. A bowl of cereal to tie over to lunch. A cereal bar to survive long classes. Now when I am pregnant, snacking is a vital part of my survival!

One of my favorite snacks of all time, for the moment, is banana bread. Not any banana bread, but vegan chocolate banana marble from the Post Punk Kitchen. I actually had to go grab a snack, just thinking of it!

What I like about this particular banana bread is that it is low fat, low sugar and overall pretty darn healthy as far as sweet bread goes. I made some modifications to the recipe and share those here:

  • Did not have as much sugar as called for, so I only used 1/4 C. Next time I will just leave it out, because the bananas make it sweet enough.
  • I didn’t have any vanilla extract, so I just left it out.
  • Instead of all purpose flour I used whole wheat flour.

My loaf of banana marble turned out great and it was just as amazing the second day as it was the first. Now I am totally waiting for my bananas to go old again, so I can make another loaf, and another one…! The perfect pregnancy snack 🙂

Pregnancy Woes: Carpal Tunnel Syndrom

A couple of weeks ago I started waking up in the middle of the night due to numb hands. Since I am passed the 4th month of pregnancy I am not supposed to lie on my back. Laying on my stomach is just severely uncomfortable nowadays, so then there are the two sides left. If I sleep on my left side I have my left arm under my pillow (reverse for the other side) and of course, that hand goes numb. It is extremely annoying and ruins my sleep.

If that wasn’t enough, just recently my hands (mostly my right since I am right-handed) started to go numb whenever I am using them “too much”. I can’t sit down and finish a meal without taking a couple of break for my hand to rest. This repeats itself for anything and everything where I have to grab hold of something. Like driving. I am just about to go nuts.

As I was reading in What to Expect When Expecting (my go-to handbook these days), CTS is apparently “normal” in pregnancy. The carpal tunnel in the wrists swells (just like everything else) during pregnancy and can therefore cause numbness, tingling and pain in the hand and forearm. The book advice handshaking as a good method of temporary relief of the numbness, as well as wearing a wrist splint. If I wasn’t so gosh darn poor at this moment I would get a couple. But right now money goes to food.

In my Internet searches I did however find a video on simple exercises on how to relieve CTS. I am going to try, and see if it works even for pregnancy CTS. I am sharing the video here, in case anyone else might need it. Do you have pregnancy CTS? If so, how do you calm it down?

26 weeks

In my dreams I was thinking that I would not be much bigger than this, at the end of my pregnancy. But I am already this big and have 14 weeks to go… Here’s to becoming a walrus on land 🙂


And since I see these questionnaires everywhere, I just had to join the fun ^^

How far along: 26 weeks

Weight: +16 lb (ish) from the beginning. Not looking forward to my end-weight. Feel like there’s no stop on my gaining. But doc is not yet concerned, so that’s good.

Maternity clothes: Most of the time. Although I still wear pre-pregnancy pants/shorts thanks to the bella band!

Stretch marks: On my breasts. Those poor things look like they have been in a war. But I guess that’s what happens when they explode a cup size over night… Nothing on my belly yet.

Sleep: Great. Except that I have to get up to pee, and move my arms because of CTS (more on that in another post), some leg cramps and hurting hips (more of those ailments in future posts as well) But I could sleep forever during the day!

Braxton Hicks: Still not sure what they are supposed to feel like, but I guess I’ll know when I get them.

Fitness/exercise: Water aerobics, swimming, walking, light weight training. 

Food cravings/aversions: I can’t think of anything I won’t eat… except maybe raw zucchini. No real cravings.

Belly button: On its way out. I have a pretty weird belly button normally. And now it looks funnier than ever. It’s gotten a lot wider and almost looks deeper than usual, but closer to be popping. Weird. I hope it stays in for a while though.

Wedding rings: On.

Best moment this week: Last night bean finally moved. He had me worried all day long because I could not feel him, and then before going to bed (after a bowl of ice cream…..ehm) he wiggled around in there. Phew. I could breath out and sleep well.

Miss anything? Runny eggs, coffee drinks and wine tasting.

Looking forward to: Hopefully hubby and I are going to the Tomato festival this weekend. Little bit of car show, some live music and lots of tomatoes! Think it could be fun. And nice to get out and do something except working on this house…

Glucose Tolerance Test Day

This morning it was time for the glucose tolerance test. I didn’t think it would be too bad, but oh boy, was I wrong.

The 12 hour fast put me in a very grumpy and shitty mood this morning. My head was hurting, my stomach was hurting and I was even drooling for the McDonalds signs we passed by on the way to the appointment.

The appointment actually started off pretty good. I didn’t have to wait very long and I was even sitting up when the nurse took the first vials of blood! I always lie down. Ever since I passed out while having my blood drawn (7 years ago) I refuse to do it sitting up. But, she said she was good at it and that I would be fine. I was (at least right then). Nurse gave me the sugar drink, which really was a sugar drink. With a hint of lime. In all reality it was like Sprite, except more sugary and syrupy… Pretty darn gross.

5 minutes to drink the 12 oz (or something like it). No problem, I thought and started sipping away. After 3 minutes I was nowhere close to halfway done… ugh. Time to chug. I chug down almost all of it and then it hits me. The ears start ringing, I feel the blood pressure dropping and my sight is blurring. Shit! Time to pass out. I make way to the front desk and the nurse leads me in to a room where I can lie down. The last few steps I walk in darkness. Hate that feeling. She hesitated on giving me the rest of the drink, but i said no. You give it to me, because I don’t want to do this again! As I was in vertical position baby bean was going crazy in there. All I could hope for was that he would not go into a sugar shock…. poor little bean.

Finished it up and laid down to rest (but not fall asleep as instructed). After 20 minutes I was ok to go back out and sit in the waiting room. The first hour I was doing all I could not to puke this drink right back out. The second hour was much easier. The next two times I had my blood drawn I was in a vertical position, and felt pretty good. As good as you can feel after downing a syrup mixture on top of a 12 hour fast…

Now we’re just waiting for the results…

And as a side note. Sweden made it to Olympic finals in handball. Finally! In my eyes, the most exciting thing that has happened this Olympic Games… Tune in to the final on Sunday and cheer for a Swedish victory! 🙂

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