Another month down. About 5 to go.

I like the monthly clinic appointments. They keep reassuring me that this is actually happening. We are pregnant. We are [hopefully, don’t want to get too cocky] having a baby at the end of the year. With every week that passes by, every appointment we go to and every positive feedback the pregnancy is getting more real to me. And after every appointment I let myself hope just a little bit more and soon I might be able to take of any, if all goes well, or hopefully’s. We’re just trying to take it one day at a time. And I am enjoying [as much as you enjoy these ails and symptoms] the shit out of every one of those days.

Two days ago we stopped by for our monthly checkup. It was the first clinic appointment hubby could actually make! Doc came and measured the uters [almost up to my bellybutton now] and we listened to the heart. Never have I heard the heartbeat that strong and intense. Good reassurance!

I was also prescribed iron pills as a preventative measure. The last blood had came back just a little on the low side on one of the irons. I am guessing that is due to our vegetarian diet. So I really need to make sure I am eating enough greens (no wonder I have been craving them! My body is good!). And the pills should keep me on the good side for the remainder of this pregnancy.

Today I went to my first class. This one was about healthy pregnancy. I honestly did not learn much new, but it was nice to see other expectant mothers and we got little teeny onesies for the baby! Now I am not sure our baby will ever be that little. Got the 5-8 lb kind. And I know I was a whooping 9 lb popping out!

Looking forward to that big belly!


No Doppler for us

After days weeks of deliberating whether or not I should invest in a  Doppler, I finally reached a conclusion I’m happy with. The answer is no.

First of all I lost my job (more on that in another post), so I don’t have the any money to spend on non-vital stuff.

Secondly, I’m due for a Dr visit in 7 days. I can wait.

Thirdly, I need to trust my body and let it do its job, without me checking in on it every hour. Because that’s exactly what I would do. I would most likely stress myself and cause more harm than good.

So I’m now turning back to my lifeline, meditation. A calm mind is a happy heart is a happy baby

15 weeks pregnant

According to my calculations I am 15 weeks pregnant. This is with a due date of Nov. 28. But last time I was at the clinic they told me they never really changed my due date from 11/22, because they won’t change it unless the scans shows a 2 week difference (for some reason). So they say I am 16 weeks. But I am keeping to the moderate 15.


Bean this week: 

  • About the size of an orange!
  • Ears migrated to side of head and eyes to the front
  • Can wiggle fingers and toes
  • And make breathing movements

My body this week: 

  • still nauseous. Not as much. But a little, especially in mornings.
  • Stuffy nose. Apparently I can thank the progesterone for that.
  • Sensitive gums. Lots of flossing now. Hopefully a trip to the dentist this summer.
  • Flatulence. What a nice word for begin farty. Thank you to the hormones again. They are relaxing my muscles causing gassiness.
  • Headaches. I hardly ever have headaches. Now I do. I drink tons of water, so I am thanking the hormones for this one as well.
  • Lower Abdominal Achiness (Round Ligament Pain). No real pain. But I’ve felt something weird going on.

Inside my head this week:

  • I wish I had clinic appointments once a week! That’s about how long I can currently go without starting to be nervous again.
  • Was that a kick? Please bean just move. A little bit. I know I felt bean before. The little flutters. Very sporadically. But when I don’t feel them for a day or so I get nervous. Even though it might just be gas.
  • Eat, eat, eat! Need to gain some weight. If not, the dr will be yelling at me. But I think I am up 1 lb since last week. So, if I can hold this up. Slow and steady. 1 lb a week. I will reach the target of 25 lb at the end of this. It’s just hard for me to eat that much.
  • Should I just spend $27 a week/month (?) and rent a baby doppler?