The real deal

The other day I went to the physician. Peed in a cup and got some blood stolen from me. And the news is: we are pregnant! According to the blood test they estimated six weeks along, but we will get a better idea once we go to the OB/GYN on April 5.

So far I am not having too many symptoms. No morning sicknesses and no heartburns (I’ve heard that is common). I am, however, EXTREMELY emotional. And it frustrates me. I’ve cried five times a day the past three days for no apparent reasons at all. I also become very keen on arguing (poor husband). Hopefully he will be able to stand me through my imbalanced emotional storm weather. I know he can. He’s the best there is 🙂

I did just order a belly book! I wanted one of those pregnancy journals because it’s always exciting to take pictures, write little things and such to remember… they all are so pastelcolored and lame though. I did find this belly book (which is just as pastell colored) but I thought it was really cool. Excited to start jotting down some notes!