Book Review: The Mama’s Boy Myth

I am finally back on track with my reading again and can start these book reviews I intended to get going on quite a while ago. 🙂 There will be a lot of books about motherhood and parenting, quite a few baby books, and a few outliers. The ones that I really enjoyed and believe are a great resource will be labeled with the Must Read label, so they are easy to find. All others will be categorized in Book Reviews. Easy Peasy.

This book is called The Mama’s Boy Myth: Why Keeping Our Sons Close Makes Them Stronger written by Kate Stone Lombardi.

On the sleeve of the book it says “Mothers get the message early and often – push your sons away. Don’t baby them with too much cuddling and comforting. Don’t keep them emotionally bound to you. Back off, because boys need to learn to stand on their own. IT is as if there were an existing playbook – based on gender preconceptions dating back to Freud, Oedipus and beyond – that prescribes the way mothers and their sons should interact.”

Kate Stone Lombardi conducted interviews with a ton of mothers talking about their mother-son relationship. And most women said that the bond between them and their son was very strong, rewarding and real. They understood each other and were very close to each other. And most did not adhere to the masculine values of society that says a boy should become a man early on. He should not be comforted when hurt because he has to learn to be a man etc. etc.

This book is talking about how mothers go against these norms and raise their sons to be caring and compassionate human beings. How they give their sons the freedom to become more “feminine” and how that makes them better as people in the society as a whole.

An interesting and eye-opening book. Good food for thought.

We are definitely raising our son more like the mothers in the book. There is no tough manhood in our house, but a lot of love, kisses, comforting and individual spirituality. Basically we are not trying to form him to be one way or the other, but wait to see how he develops.

If you are interested in gender questions and/or parenting styles, it’s a must read. If you do go and read the book, please come back to leave me a comment and let me know what you thought about it.

I leave you with this thought: How do you raise your son(s)?


Summer’s Over…

…And we are following the geese flying south(west) to our winter stay.

I was very nervous for our flight back to the United States. I almost dreaded it because I did not know what to expect. Flying to Sweden earlier this year was easy because we were two caretakers with a pretty immobile baby.

Now on the other hand, I was flying solo with a baby that just can’t sit still and wants to climb on everything! Oh, and he is q sucker for everyone’s attention.

I had not need to worry. This baby is an angel and a precious gift. I must have some good karma.

On the flight across the big pond, we were lucky enough to get a two-seater to ourselves. Thank you SAS! It was a great trip. He slept for takeoff and landing. In between he charmed the entire plane, found a new friend and got tons of attention from the flight attendants, he loved it! He got tons of compliments on his crazy hair and his awesome in flight behavior. Yup, I was a proud and happy, albeit tired, mama.

Now we had been on the move for about 14 hours. He then charmed his way through customs and security on to our next flight. This is a rough flight. 6 hours in a cramped space with no food or tv (unless you want to pay for both). Thus flight just feels like a big vacuum of nothingness. It is physically and mentally straining. Luckily the charmtroll has slept the first 3 hours.

It might have been uncomfortable at times, but it has gone very smoothly thanks to this lovely baby and all the amazing people we have been lucky to interact with today!


It’s White, it’s Sharp…

We got a tooth!

It sits on the front left position in his mouth. Tiny, sharp and blindingly white.

So that’s why there has been excessive drool and even some diaper rash (we hardly ever see that, thanks cloth diapers!).

Week 3 of the 30 day crossfit challenge

Wow, we have survived week 3!! These workouts are getting harder and more challenging by the day, BUT I am also feeling my body adapting very well and love this feeling of strongness, completion and soreness. This is how my body should feel. This is what it was made to feel.

Great to be able again!

Our 30 min. run took us 5.2 km this week. And our 1 mile (1.6 km) took 8.31. Way better than week 1! Aiming high for this last week of the challenge, pumped!

Week 1 of 30 Day Crossfit Challenge Round Up

The first week is officially finished. My body has adapted pretty well. The first 5 days I could not go from seated to standing and vice versa without grunting and whining a bit, but right now I feel good 🙂

Today we finished the mile (1.6 kg) at 9:14…  We got room for improvement next week. Tomorrow week 2 starts. Phew.

Without my mom pushing me I would never have made it this far… We’re a good team!

Seven Months Old!

On the 2nd baby bean turned 7 months old. Seven! Whoa, time flies when you’re having fun! He was a whooping 28 inches (71 cm) and 8.5 kg (18.3 lb ish).

He is so talented and can now hold his feet up during diaper changes (quite a fancy trick ^^), army crawl really well, stand on all fours and rock, sit up sturdy, pull himself from sitting to standing, sing Mamama, dada, papa, nana, Gaga, etc. I love his mammmammam songs the best!

And he has tried sweet potato, carrot, pineapple, strawberry, nectarines, peach, banana, 3 kinds of melons, apple, cucumber and some pureed baby food from Ebbs’s Kitchen and he loves it all! But most of all he loves his walking all-you-can-eat-buffe.

30 day crossfit challenge…

About 3 months after giving birth I felt ready to get started with training and throwing again. So I did and decided to do a mini competition season. Well, it has now ended and was most likely a mistake…I sucked, big time. But one good thing that came out of it is that I’m super ready to get back in shape, and then to bulk up!

Started workouts yesterday. Mom is helping out pushing me along. 30 day crossfit challenge, will we survive?

Body update. First is 3 months after giving birt, next is 7 months. Baby bean is seriously eating my weight right off me. Nursing. It’s a win-win 🙂


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